At Big Lagoon Beach, 2016

I love to paint and draw ocean surf, and am fascinated by imagined cultures and places.

I grew up on the California coast and began drawing beaches, waves and imaginary places while still in grade school.  I studied art at California State University at Long Beach, at California College of the Arts in Oakland, and then architecture at California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Art at Western Oregon University in 1980.  After graduating, l built a house two blocks from the ocean on the Oregon coast, and there I began creating paintings and drawings that began to say something about the ocean.    

In 1987, my wife Vicki and I moved to the Midwest to raise our three daughters, yet I still consider the Pacific coast my spiritual home. Finding myself suddenly away from the ocean compelled me to spend a lot more time painting it. I travel there often to feel the waves' energy, smell the salt air, and enjoy the light. And I take a LOT of photos as well as sketch the surf and beaches.            

For years, I've longed to have a coastal place stay there where I can see the ocean in different light conditions and seasons.  Now I'll be able to do just that - I am currently fixing up a part-time studio near my favorite beaches on the Humboldt County coast in California.

I've considered myself a full-time artist since 1990.  In recent years, I’ve written books about my artwork, such as An Artist’s Journey to Nevermore (2014) and The New Island Guidebook (2015). I also teach art part-time to high school kids, and I enjoy hearing the exploits of my three highly individualistic daughters. 

I work in watercolor, acrylic, and graphite pencil. My primary efforts are to share my joy of ocean surf and to continue developing the place I call The Commonwealth of New Island. This ongoing imaginary island-nation in the Indian Ocean can be found here at

Carry on, and enjoy!